it’s National Suicide Prevention Week, for all of you struggling may I say the most cliche words ever “it gets better” are cliche because they are true, you can and will win this battle. You matter, you always have and always will, just know we care, we all care, you deserve to live to see happier days and there are many of us here to help you get there. You are not what the kids at school called you. You are not the horrible words your mom or dad or brother or sister spit in your face. You are a beautiful human being. I get a lot of messages and can not help everyone but know I care, you all mean alot to me and I would never want any of you to think suicide is your only way out, because it is far from it. Stay strong, stay beautiful, stay alive <3 


Your post is amazing, but suicide just became a thing, because someone started to do it. No one should think about leaving planet earth, it’s unconcious and selfish. See how many people you’re leaving behind you, no one should think about killing him/herself. My ex-boyfriend always thought about that, and everytime he was sad, everytime he was thinking about this, I knew that he was thinking about it, I used to face him, looking him in the eyes and then kiss him. Then he used to start crying and we used to hug. One afternoon, the fucking people which were bullying him came to his house and just break his dad’s car, said that they will steal his little sister and that he was a son of a bitch. I was with him that afternoon. They were calling him the “stupid faggot” so, as they parents were there, he came out to them and his parents said nothing. His dad called the police bc of the rascals out there. Then came the night. The morning after, her mom called me, and she couldn’t even talk. I ran to their house and was there was the police, the ambulance and everything. His little sister, Lara, ran to me. She was crying as hell. She was only 7 when it happened. He hung himself up his dressing room. I never cried like that. He left three letters: one for Lara, one for his parents, and one for me. On my letter, he said how much he was sorry to leave me alone and that I should watch The Notebook, that our love was exactly the same as Noah and Allie’s love. His last word were, i love you, to heaven and back. (bc we used to say  to the moon and back). I cried for a week, so don’t even think about leaving someone behind you. Speak about it to your family, friends or even your boyfriend/girlfriend. 

don’t do it, please.

I wouldn’t call it unconscious or selfish all the time, although it is horrible. People can think about it all the time and still think it’s right. There are also times when people are actually TOLD to “go die,” as horrible as it sounds. And then there are times when people don’t have the family and friends that so many people take for granted, and it seems that no one cares about that one particular person. (If you ever want to talk to someone kindly, don’t refrain from doing it.) Or maybe you’re already too sick, and you feel like it’s horrible that your family has to pay all the bills, and you just want to stop it. I’m not defending suicide; it’s just that it’s not as most people think it is.

So now what? Bc I didn’t came out to my mom and bc I really don’t have friends I’m going to do it?i got bullied just like my sweetheart but I saw how his family was right after, it’ll be one year in two weeks, and his mom still crying every morning bc she only sees 3 bowls and not 4. I don’t want to that to my family

First of all, you’re strong. I’m not just saying that. I mean it, I really do. That’s not what I meant. I’m horrible at explaining. I mean that some people have mental illnesses, such as depression, and it can change their perspective. (1/10 people have this, you see, and some are never diagnosed with it.) Sometimes, there is no one left to care about you. Sometimes, family can physically beat you and say that they wouldn’t care if you ran away. They won’t bring you to the doctor if you say that you may have depression or if you stepped on a nail. They wave it off, and they will also call you crazy because you can help but cry. And then there are “friends” who call you names behind you back and never even contact you unless you contact them first so that they will still use you. The person hasn’t made any new friends in the past year, she/he only loses them, even though people say that she’s nice. And the remaining friend you have doesn’t even remember your birthday, but she’s still amazing. I’m not making this up; it’s very possible. I’m sorry about this. I think I’m going crazy today.



& it sucks knowing that a majority of people would rather talk to what I look like on the right instead of left.
Why? We have the same personality though.

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